Celebrate Neumann's &Japan's gifts to humanity since 1945, all Asia Rising 1960+MacraeFriends and Family
Future July 2020..If you care about two out of 3 lives mattering who are Asian, nearly 60 years of miracles mapping around worldwide decision-makers considering Japan from 1962 are worth replaying -that's when my father Norman Macrae aged 39 was privileged to write his first signed survey in The Economist -the first 2 quarters of dad's 80+ years of life had been spent
**writing unsigned leaders in The Economist (eg as only journalist at Messina's birth of EU) after serving as teenager in world war 2 navigating air places uk bomber command region modern day bangladesh/myanmar -

Asia Rising Surveys

in 60 years

Saturday, July 4, 2020 JapanThanks

Jack Ma has chosen Tokyo Olympics to relaunch Olympics as sports, fashion, arts for all communities
Questions on coalitions: linking other sdg events and girls most valued livelihood curricula
who will sponsor  curricula of poorest billion girls hold up half the sky: brac university osun ban-ki moon vienna supercity partners uniqlo

join campaign W - sack every economist from every project commissioned by gov who cant show how his numbers are orbiting towards a world valuing women as much as men - rsvp

join campaign health- sack any nations cabinet who cant explain why the economic risk to sme economes was more for new corona than old flu- in other words was the global travel worth harming hundreds of millions family and sme businesses

how does the tokyo olympics continue developing osaka track (big data local) and society 5.0 from japan g7 and ewtp from china G7 and relay forward to cop26 glasgow and connect supercity olympic mayors of toky0 2020 beijing 2022 paris 2024 milan 2026 la 2028- can uniqlo become the link between all these events and designing valuetrie for garment workers- whats the connection of the IR4 hub in tokyo with its sister hubs in capital of idia china and california as well as geneva hq and 3000 youth global shapers hubs
-wheres the interaction between the shapers hubs and the 2 world economic forum davos and summer china champion and UNGA september - and other world sdg youth scholars eg USUN of soris and MIT-Oxford-Tsinghua of Schwarzman- where's the connection between the 3 most responsible ny funds blackstone blackrock bloomberg and cop26 glasgow adam smith schoiars and whether brexit maps are as sdg as possible

Not since Prince Charles attended Tokyo Olympics 1964 and invited Akio Morita to consider the prince's country wales as his first portal in Europe has a world leader trusted Japan to such a great pleasure
BEIJING GREAT INVESTMENT MEETING JuL2-3 - see last year at Luxembourg
Can Japan help catalogue the gteatest ways to celebrate communitiesd friendships wherever 2 or more nations get together in world view from sports and olympics to new world trade partnerships youth celebrate all across Belt Road maps and EWTP to ...

...Japanese Ideas
.Ideas from around the world
music sing for hope
olympics special olympics
rome new colliseum futures museum of youth cultures
celebrating the unique intelligence youth with autism brings

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