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summer 20 japan olympics- with jack ma sponsoring- his expo of first full year as education revolutionary and attempts to bring back SMEs to superstars markets will be world changing - prep universityofstars.tv in run up summer 20, japn hpsts g20 in 2019- youth and other sherpa groups can linkin here; pope to visit japan late 2019; our experieence is youth who study in japan for a while gain extraordinary zen and other abilities -look at what ori is up to in redesigning nigeria helath care- with due respect her lecture at mit was my favorite moment; joi comes in number 3- understanding how bkash was born in legatum is the most importat end poverty lesson i have ever heard; youth networks of arctic circle who linkin round tufts are wonderful- farmers PIH has lots its cooperation edge sin kim went to worldbank unless you know how to help pih open source all it knows that is urgent now it is agreed healthy world's number 1 missing curriculum is peer to peer pre-teen health Legend- Currently editors of world record book of job creation see Asian Pacific Millennials connecting 6 of the other sustainability world's top job creators. Y-Yunus; A-Abed; K=Kim I=Ito W=Women4Empowerment; G=Gandhi edu family Lucknow - are you a journalist for youth who could help with curating this blog? rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk NormanMacraeFoundation
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“I should never seek a job in my life; my mission in life is to create jobs. I am not a job seeker, I am a job giver.” - Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Keeping the above philosophy of Professor Muh Read More... notes from America on missed opportunities of era of spending 4000 times more on global commns

Thursday, December 31, 2020

japan could be youth's most cooperative nation in 2019 as its people are very free to choose how to design their futures without any interference from the big banking economists who have for decades ruined youth;s happiest opportunities

if you get the canace look at nhk in english 0 1 2 3

- its amazing seeing 24 hours a day of content mainly on orgdinary people building community things like slow food , ecotourism- japan actually has too few youth and is inviting smart youth exchnages - something it has long done with youth ,ost seripous about development chalenges -

see eg this nigerian's work  on rebuilding health service which would never have happened without stidies in japover last 10 yeras there have bene many ujos and downs in sponsoring 10 young journalists to find out the real stories of girl empowerment in bangladesh - whenver we needede freaal help it was the jap;anese embassy that supported us most and helped us as early as 2012 to understand tghe future of bkash now agreed by many as the benchmark digital bank for the billion poorest

japloan can have a great 18 months greeting both elders and youth who ost want to sustain tghe word - eg g20 osaka july 2018 pope visit probably novemember 2019 - summer olyn;piocs 2020 with jack ma 's friends like softbank helping celebrate youth in every way

with a new ekmpoeror the nation is ready to help all its neigbors leap forward - the big prize for peace around teh workd iks north korea- maybe i am wring but i believe north kporea is easily solved inf japan cjian and korea develop a hi-trust plan together- after rthat they hve to hold form as both america and russia debate the future- but just look at te geogrfaphy - the caostal belt of north korea can be such a win-win place for the epopels of north korea only if china japan and korea decide to go forward bnow for the whole region and let bygones be bygones- why should todays youth still be chained to what made elders in 1945 so unhappy - will peace ever blossomj unless japan mediates chian and koreas future happiness now- the digital opportunities are huge- so far i think japan has not stgarted a true debate wityh china or s kotea on this- mu =y hope is it hapens behind closed dpoors as these 3 countgries with isalnds like singapore and taiwan can map the futu8re that all youth particularly workd poorestg girls need education transformation to do now

here's where we got to in spet 2016 at UN (courtesy of bloggers at economistuniversioty.com )
can japan please mpve forward with those it agrees with from tis session
f the world of education isnt transformed beyond the over-examined classroom - half of all youth will be unemployable
Scotland's most loyal people-centric economist , Gordon Brown, has now assembled 30 national leaders and counting invite families and youth to change the world of education and media - why change if we keep old education half of all youth will be underemployed- lets unite the greatest #learninggeneration - thanks to these leaders
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  Commission - most exciting report on education to be issued UN NY 18 Sept
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Co-covenors : Norway’s PM Erna Solberg,  Chile’s Michelle Bachelet Indonesia’s Joko Widodo,  Malawi’s Peter Mutharika, UNESCO Irina Bokova  acceptance by Ban Ki-Moon

Commissioners Gordon Brown (chair, scotland);  Jim KimJack Ma (China),  Gracia Machel (S Africa), Amartya Sen,

Ananat Agarwal, Jose Manuel Barroso, Felipe Calderon (Mexico), Kristin Clemet (Norway),  Aliko Dangote (Nigeria), Julia Gilard, Bael Raza Jamil (Pakistan), Amel Karboul (Tunisia), Jakaya Kikwete (tanzania), Yuriko Koike (Japan), Anthony Lake (UNICEF), Ju-Ho Lee (South Korea),  Strive Masiyowa Zimbabwe telecom billionnaire,  Teopisyta Biriungi Mayanja (S Korea), Shakira Mebarak Superstar singer from Colombia, Patricio Meller (Chile),  Ngozi Oko0nzo-Iweala (Nigeria), Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi (United Arab Emirates),  Kailash Satyarthi (india),  Theo Sowa (African Women Development), Lawrence Summers, Helle Thorning Schmidt (SAve The Children International)