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breaking 3/24 -japan olympics postponed for year thanks abe ..koike ..nbc ..jack ma ..and most of all every athlete -moore

breaking 3/24 american culture/values do not exist without sport. i am not saying this is a good thing- in 1999 i edited triple special issue of jnl of marketing management on brand reality- how millennials needed smart media and to mobilise big data platforms celebrating more action learning less ads -but now is the time to celebrate eg nbc tv distributor of the games message to japan and olympics committee- back their responsibility to choose when tokyo and global athlete star- moore Q&A welcome at co-blog


Tuesday, December 31, 2030

nakasone vogel drucker macrae japan as number 1 inspiration and WA

in search of wa

if you are inspiring students to explore everything positive around japan which one leaders' life do you start with

i note nakasone has passed  Looking back at 'Japan as No. 1' | The Japan Times

is he in the top 5  japan leaders global youth affairs students would know about?
thanks chris macrae +1 240 316 8157 
ps i am spending 5 days in vienna mainly with unni to understand a similar sort of question with india leadership - the context being unni mentors several of the greatest founders of india's companies and their questions on what they could be doing for the sdg generation and indias role

by the way does anyone know a member of ban ki-moons team in his vienna office- he bridges at least 2 big future opportunities of youth- what happens around the olympics and what happens round brac university

finally lets hope japan south korea are turning corner in vienna 4 december (  america should be encouraging every asian country to wish happy 2020s humans Ai sdg decade to each other

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