Celebrate Neumann's &Japan's gifts to humanity since 1945, all Asia Rising 1960+MacraeFriends and Family
Future July 2020..If you care about two out of 3 lives mattering who are Asian, nearly 60 years of miracles mapping around worldwide decision-makers considering Japan from 1962 are worth replaying -that's when my father Norman Macrae aged 39 was privileged to write his first signed survey in The Economist -the first 2 quarters of dad's 80+ years of life had been spent
**writing unsigned leaders in The Economist (eg as only journalist at Messina's birth of EU) after serving as teenager in world war 2 navigating air places uk bomber command region modern day bangladesh/myanmar -

Asia Rising Surveys

in 60 years

Tuesday, December 31, 2030

welcome to consider japan 1962-2025- Tokyo has been our supercity benchmark since Economist and JFK Dialogues 1962- good to see ai grid update march 2024 during Nvidia GTC summit

pretraining vision ops for 2025 Osaka track meets king Charles AI World Series, Nvidia Digital Twins & More - related Japan Intel superstars - Naomi Osaka; Mayor Koike ....

Von neumann asked dad Norman to train journalists in survey - what good will peoples unite where they are lucky enough to be first to co-pilot at least 100 time more tech per dccade

By 1962 father had identified asia pacific as celebrating 2 spaces of 100 times more

-silicon valley (known for 100 times more due to moores law 1965 on exponential computation capacity of silicon chips)

what we might call the silicon coastal belt: japan south to korea peninsular taiwan, and soon hK and singapore

- these 2 innovation treasure troves for human development complemented the three the NET mainly lived ans saved word from namely

Switzerland (and neighbors) epicentre of telecoms  (ITU since 1865)and electricity worldwide coop standards

Princeton up NE Coast via UN and Courant NY, IBM, Yale to Boston (MIT), some include Dartmouth coherence

Princeton S by SW mainly gov (a)i of space and nuclear


EW: Whats Exciting fir 21st C is that 17 years after Jobs and Gates invented personal computing world 1984 they asked Fazle Abed envoy for poorest 1 billion girls intelligence to share his 65th birthday wish party spring 2001; this was at a time when the continued multipliers of moores law and itu's leaps 2F to 3G to $G to 5G meant possibilities of experimenting with 10000 times more tech per decade

lets map back from 2025 report networks potentially advancing humanity with this 

BY 2004 Jobs & Yang family had connected Abed's new university partnership wished with stanford the core ecosystem- multiple branches below; meanwhile gates family focused on partnership of global health foundations around abed and including jim kim and antonio guterres and larry brilliant

yahoo professorship starteed around 100 time more expert horowitz, who also launches ai100 2016 and joins CondyRice, Fei-Fei Li and 10 lead tech experts to celebrate hoover emerging tech review

by 2007 Yang & his Japanese wife  transfering most of their life's investments to stanford: building 07, encouraging eg Koller & Ng to headhunt Fei-Fei Li and start coursera, by circa 2022 Yang chairs Stanford trustees; his wife is on Doerr climate school trustee board with mrs jobs; taiwanese americans linking futures include nvidia's huang, the Tsai family, the maurice chang networks (see celebrations 2022-24 ny asia society)- also inside taiwan see technology minister Ms Tang

Li arrives stanford 2009; Hassabis is touring from london sponsored by Gatsby neurosciece; other biotech genii as well as koller are dowdna about to win nobel chemistry prize for gene database; later womens biotech further multiplied by Priscilla Chan

2012 LI leads the famous 5 breakthrough of ai winter to summer- where her 3rd annual global competition with biggest open databank the 20 million imagenet connects with the last 3 professors of neural networking algorithms to celebrate deep learning- this wakes up every tech & humanity investir to LI , Hassabis and the 3 famed Profs Lecun, Hinton & Bengio

Here are some fei-fei li multuplier networks that stanford encourages:

from 2014(7) ngo ed platform ai-4-all lead sponsored by nvidia ceo huang and melinda gates

from 2015- if UN sdgs are to be real, melinda gates and li blueprint how Un2.0 will need total transformation of education for all ages (called digital cooperation youth, digital capacity building elders) and AIgood launched at UN ITU from 2017- melinda gates completes the un2,0 roadmapping with 9 subsystems 5 are new dc under 30s dc over 30s aigood universal connectivity turing deep data codes - 4 will innovate the UN origin subsystems equality, rights, safety/trust, public goods  (abe's g20 deepens codes aka Osaka Track and vision socety5.0 which clusters sdgs and gov2.0 by contexts

 Whilst LI had from 2006 obtained some national science funding from 2018 her ai4all testimonies at congress start what is now at least 20 nations NAIRRS (policy advisory committees on being an AI nation and ensuring society's deepest data is owned for all the peoples- specifically li mentions how fast comp resources are being mobilised and the risk that media-chat will take over from ai advancing intelligence of all; li has been seconded to google cloud and can see ho digital corporations with 30 bn $ RI&D budgets are dwarfing even the whole of usa nation's gpu investment

2019 li returns to stanfird to launch HAI challenging every descipline to become 2.0 ai literate

hassabis gaming approach to generative computer visioning becomes popular after li's 2012 breakthrough; google brain and deep mind merge around it; by 2022 alphafold2 has open sourced natures 250 million protein's deepest ever game changer to biotech and indeed all natural science ai

2023 king charles starts turing ai world series (bengio is asked to be overall narrator) official stopovers 2024 korea april , paris post olympics; hoped for stopover worldbank liveable planet ai; sept UNsummit future NY; 2025 opportunities include 6 months osaka track

ED --L-UNwomens: sept 2023: upd after unga #beyondextinction 0  intelligence world's leading panels - CA .

see to download for free how and why The Economist first asked in 1972 whether we would be wise enough to design a globalisation not trapped by the zero-sum game of pare currencies
by 1984 our team at The Economist were asking whether we parents and educators of millennials would track effective health services as core to why we invest in leaps in technology

Header media
what if we the peoples opened society enough to share true data. replace all other wars by uniting to end virus-

community sdg curricula 1/50 corona

abe's dilemma- 3 most widely reported diffusion metrics
no more dangerous than flu to children
may kill one fifth of over 80s who contract it
viral infection may start 2 days before person aware of being ill

the key question- will summer end corona season the way it does most flus
the problem - japan has spent a decade becoming regions favorite tourism space
unless summer ends corona season above dynamics imply clusters will repeat

whilst its up to japanese people, the olympics should offer a one year postponement
long term we believe korea china and japan will become ai corona world leaders - they have the data and the systems nowhere else in the world can lead

help  twitter 1 2 more to open source community learning of
we feel very sorry for the peoples of iran - places led by supreme beings are most wide open to natures virus attacks
koreans are heroes - their high scores come from doing 10-100 times more testing than americans- what are distribution and cost explanations for these opposite rituals up ro march 1 2020

italy seems to have been careless on flight watches- it is known that fashion production had comparatively large chinese workforce coming back from chinese new year annual holiday at peak virus

the seattle region does not inspire confidence as one of worlds reputed knowledge centres - to have done no community testing before march 1 except on airport arrivals seems to be the opposite of what smart sister cities expect of 2020s
in hokkaido experts estimate 10 times more youth with corona than official number currently 77- gyms and stuffy inside places eg schools spread virus- catch 22 corona for youth is 95% of time similar to catching a cold but for over 80s it may kill a fifth titanic news- #seattlewuhan can seattle -king county team -learn wuhan- is cbs expert lipsitch correct 70% may be corona'd why did usa do 100 times< testing korea? should march madness be audience-less early cdc test contaminated?

corona important us case study life care kirkland

WHO says try to contain. Other experts say can't be done/too late.
What measures would WHO advise against if "can't be contained?" What measures would others favor if "might still contain?" Where do "lockdowns", travel bans fit on each side? Argue the other side's case, please