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breaking 3/24 -japan olympics postponed for year thanks abe ..koike ..nbc ..jack ma ..and most of all every athlete -moore

breaking 3/24 american culture/values do not exist without sport. i am not saying this is a good thing- in 1999 i edited triple special issue of jnl of marketing management on brand reality- how millennials needed smart media and to mobilise big data platforms celebrating more action learning less ads -but now is the time to celebrate eg nbc tv distributor of the games message to japan and olympics committee- back their responsibility to choose when tokyo and global athlete star- moore Q&A welcome at co-blog


Monday, September 3, 2018

----------------------------- updating 13 regions Economistswith happy news way dad would have alalysed

china has the half billion youth that can humanise tech connections with youth everywhere and change education
bangladesh has the poorest girls partners' solutions across the world where half of people live ie sino-s asia-asean corridor/continent

japan is the world stage jack ma's investors always chose for cultural (youth community expo) celebrations of 2020 =end poverty -somehow if english-speaking youth are ever to help people develop again we need to get anthropologists like jim kim back on that pathway which he promised to do with pope francis but then got sidetracked Norman Macrae Economist's view of why 21st C needs to get happier and happier

i have tried to rearrange fathers stories so that song can help you and ying urgent connect what must be linked in over next month if everything else isnt to fall apart again
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