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Chris Macrae

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breaking 3/24 -japan olympics postponed for year thanks abe ..koike ..nbc ..jack ma ..and most of all every athlete -moore

breaking 3/24 american culture/values do not exist without sport. i am not saying this is a good thing- in 1999 i edited triple special issue of jnl of marketing management on brand reality- how millennials needed smart media and to mobilise big data platforms celebrating more action learning less ads -but now is the time to celebrate eg nbc tv distributor of the games message to japan and olympics committee- back their responsibility to choose when tokyo and global athlete star- moore Q&A welcome at co-blog


Tuesday, December 24, 2030

sadly every decade big america has aimed at destroying bottom-up sustainability-see how 2000s were aimed at ending microbanking late 1999s aimed at destroying ecommerce, and not educating people that man's biggest ( sustainability and systemic exponential) risk was discrepancies in incomes and expectations of big rich and poor nations; and unseen wealth- domt require big corporations to be auited by goodwill in addition to 90 day extraction late 1980s did not change education around coding and worldwide webs -or searching for peace across borders as berlin wall fall let hope 195 national leaders dont take trumps bait- why anyone should want to trade the same way as someone whose business model has been to bully his way out of huge debt is beyond my ken

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