can 2020 MAolympics form stars eminent panel who value youth most? lets end sports ruled by administrators who abuse youth - elect simone biles to represent #metoo and end what US gymnastics abused for decades, elect yao ming could end #nba administrators hurtful speech to everyone he loves and true fans he helped basketball make billions. the japanese-haiti tennis star if she's willing could do more for watching over island development than anyone has ever don. as hinorary elder guest bbc's david attenborough at youthful 93 could help 7 worlds one planet viralise social action stories to make mother earth Greta again... more ...

1964 tokyo olympics change the world- first live satellite broadcasts- first ttime royal families of 2 empires that had spent centuries colonising asia made up-prince charles even asked sony to be first inward investor in europe- and much more...

as anyone who has read The Economist's Norman Macrae's 30 years of Asian surveys starting 1962 with Consider Japan will know that he explored why the best chance of sustaining humans as Artificial Intelligence increased hubs from the far east through Japan, islands, mainland china and hopefully across the south asian belt : myanmar bangladesh india pakistan west asia as well as through Asean and Apec. Why did brilliant cooperation between china and japan from 1978 and in 1992 - see notes from Ezra Vogel's monumental book : China and Japan facing history

twitter links to jack ma damo academy with maYun digitalcooperation,org of AI and HumanI

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case study partnering japan in world;s most human AI investment portfolio
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: since 1962--67 thank you japan for making world better place ...2020s Japan is pivotal to sustainable cooperation, lifelong learning and AI's decade, valuing youth & world's number 1 trading belt #BR1 - maps can include essential role in peace blossoming across koreas; Top reasons why worldwide under 30s need network (eg how can we help you and Yuichiro Anzai DC whatsapp +1 240 316 8157) Japanese friendships 2018-19-20
summer 20 japan olympics- with jack ma sponsoring- his expo of first full year as education revolutionary and attempts to bring back SMEs to superstars markets will be world changing - prep in run up summer 20, japn hpsts g20 in 2019- youth and other sherpa groups can linkin here; pope to visit japan late 2019; our experieence is youth who study in japan for a while gain extraordinary zen and other abilities -look at what ori is up to in redesigning nigeria helath care- with due respect her lecture at mit was my favorite moment; joi comes in number 3- understanding how bkash was born in legatum is the most importat end poverty lesson i have ever heard; youth networks of arctic circle who linkin round tufts are wonderful- farmers PIH has lots its cooperation edge sin kim went to worldbank unless you know how to help pih open source all it knows that is urgent now it is agreed healthy world's number 1 missing curriculum is peer to peer pre-teen health Legend- Currently editors of world record book of job creation see Asian Pacific Millennials connecting 6 of the other sustainability world's top job creators. Y-Yunus; A-Abed; K=Kim I=Ito W=Women4Empowerment; G=Gandhi edu family Lucknow - are you a journalist for youth who could help with curating this blog? rsvp NormanMacraeFoundation
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“I should never seek a job in my life; my mission in life is to create jobs. I am not a job seeker, I am a job giver.” - Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. Keeping the above philosophy of Professor Muh Read More... notes from America on missed opportunities of era of spending 4000 times more on global commns

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

norman macrae fall 2015 challenge elearning year 44

online library of norman macrae-- includes net gen futures of sustainability (and pro-youth entrepreneurial revolution) since 1972
anyone got ideas on my 4th annual debate with sir fazle abed ?
back in 2012 sir fazle abed of -  the most knowledgeable and collaborative end poverty leader alive today -as far i can search - started debating how to make sure his knowhow is sustained after his death - 
in Keynes and my father's naive economics world if we are spending 4000 times 2030 versus 1946 more on global village come technology/infrastructures then freeing millennials to share/action-net sir fazle's knowhow should be easy wherever sustainability critical to a community

now here's the most crazy pieces of this puzzle as I perceive them (of course given this could be so simple maybe i am the problem)

first because i spent 20 years of my life editing global brand tv ads to be on message -- where videos of sir fazle's methods are used i want them edited to 1 scale maxime worldwide recall of his message 2 virally prompt millennials to joyfully do things that honor his trust  3 change transparency and  openness of education or other systems if needs be

second sir fazle only takes on 2 new big projects a year because frankly hes quite exhausted  (and still has to be involved in many of bracs live projects ) so the question is what elearning platform partner would want to maximally help sir fazle?

there are already tens of hour of content rich sir fazle speeches on video that could be edited into eg a coursera on-demand weekly format- so it would seem a key question boils down to would coursera want to feature the most demanded content in sustainable millennials world and who would they (the abed family) be happy to do that editing and one or tow days of new content filming to bridge the whole

1 possibility is sir fazle and his son but you can imagine they are likely to say - really can nobody help us?

2 another possibility is additional support from a team at brac university - 

3 another possibility could be eg the sorts of people at berkeley eg blum global poverty curriculum or east asia studies institute who help webinar sir fazle when he's passing through the region

or is there a 4th possibility -if anyone has ideas this is actually the most urgently important challenge i am currently stuck on - so i would go anywhere to find out exactly what to offer to sir fazle and his son next

series of briefings with sir fazle abed

2012 sponsored by japan embassy in dhaka= 2 norman macrae remembrance dialogues -chief guest sir fazle abed
2013/2014 private one hour debriefings on latest on elearning with sir fazle and his communications director at brac headquarters in dhaka

sir fazle was WISE (qatar) inaugural education laureate and george soros 20th open society laureate 2013 (central european university budapest)

before becoming a leader in ending village poverty he graduated from university of glasgow in architecture of shipping and went on to be a chartered accountant at shell corporation until dedicating his life to end poverty in bangladesh first with a disaster relief project in 1970 and from 1972 by founding brac

unlike yunus he doesnt like himself as magical with info technology but when he sees the right partners he joyfully supports them - it is brac which now has the most scaled cashless bank in end poverty world - the tech wizardry is entrusted to same MIT leaders who originally proposed grameen phone to yunus in 1996 and who created mpesa circa 2008 in kenya

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