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. July 2020..If you care about two out of 3 lives mattering who are Asian, nearly 60 years of miracles mapping around worldwide decision-makers considering Japan from 1962 are worth replaying -that's when my father Norman Macrae aged 39 was privileged to write his first signed survey in The Economist -the first 2 quarters of dad's 80+ years of life had been spent
**writing unsigned leaders in The Economist (eg as only journalist at Messina's birth of EU) after serving as teenager in world war 2 navigating air places uk bomber command region modern day bangladesh/myanmar -
** following his father who worked for british diplomatic services around embassies in midst of conflict - eg mostow of stalin 1934, last adriatic port jews used to escape hitler 1938 )-during this quarter dad concluded that world wars root cause was the history of empires like britain and japan which had trapped most peoples in poverty, to end war he wanted to mediated loving each other's places, ;peoples and especially children

Asia Rising Surveys

Norman Macrae, having survived teenage navigation of RAF planes bomber command world war 2 over modern-day myanmar/bangladesh, joined The Economist in 1949, and retired as the deputy editor of what he called "the world's favourite viewspaper" in 1988. During that time, he wrote extensively on the future of society and the impact of technology. Norman foresaw species sustainability as being determined by post-colonial and virtual mapmaking- 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G if 60s tech could race to moon and Moore alumni promised 100 times more machine intel every decade TO 2025, let's end poverty mediating/educating a world of loving each others' children- so that wherever the next millennials girl is born she enjoys great chance to thrive.

Soon Norman was celebrating his wartime enemy's rising engineers and win-win sme supply chains across far east and very concerned that tod down constitutions english speaking nations led by political bureaucrats wasn't fit for entrepreneurial revolution-he co-opted a young romani prodi to translate Economist 1976 ER survey into multilingual formats

Amongst some of his more outlandish claims: that governments would not only reverse the nationalisation process and denationalise formerly private industries, but would also sell industries and services that had been state operated for so long that it seemed impossible that they could be run by private companies. A pioneer before the pioneers, Macrae imagined privatised and competing telecommunications and utility companies improving service levels and reducing prices.

When others saw arms build-ups as heralding World War III, Macrae predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall by the end of the 1980's.

The Norman Macrae Archive serves as an on-line library, hosting a growing collection of Macrae articles, newspaper columns and highlights from his books. We hope that you find the articles thought provoking and zoom, twitter or question us - norman's son

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youth hall of fame - japan global friendship associations 1 2 smart intrapreneurs- sony creative lounge

future of HIStory 1945 -to update 2020s version see also Princeton history project connections with osun and von neumanns future of

look first at the G8 biggest jigsaw pieces of nearly 200 nations who sought to unite san francisco 1945-until the virus came 2020 was due to be the happy 75th birthday of nations 17sdgs as well as the frontline heroics of medecins sans frontieres and partners in health- coalitions of soft power had never been so urgent to valuetrue. Nature does not play with walls, and other games of externalization at borders -only mistaken male professionals do as they systemically confuse the power of big getting bigger with advancing the human lot for all our children including wherever the next girl is born

In 1945, there were just over 5% of people who lived in usa and Canada- they had twice saved the old world tri-continent of asia Africa and Europe from world wars. Most remarkably usa that in 1939 ranked 17th in terms of international navies on a par with Portugal had become the heart of the wining allied forces. You had the two northern islands at either end of the coastal belts of west Europe and far eat asia who had multiplied so many colonial poverty traps across the Asian 60+% majority of human race , Africa and middle east’s 10%. In trying to compete with uk, France had arguably been most brutal in colonizing med sea Africa, slave trading needed to develop America north wars up from louisana, as well as napoleons war of nations which had sucked in austria hungary , Germany and Russia among start of 20th c Germany without colonies to feed its engineers need for carbon and steel had become bellicose across all its borders. This left less than 2% people in the iced up and largest land mass of all ussr ready to be the victims of stalin as the second most fearsome tyrant the first hal of 20th century grew exponentially. All the while half of humanity – women – were left out of how the word capitalized land and counted productivity even though a deeper look would show that the led with educators like Montessori and health networkers like Florence nightingale, marie curie and indeed the Franciscan role of the clares as community health missionaries- the conscience of mother mary if you will. 9se There were of course further geographic oddities- only 10% of people lived in the southern hemisphere; less than 1% of peoples lived on what became a quarter of all nations the SIDS- small island developing nations with minimal land resources but huge ocean estates very much dependent on climate, and nature including good human nature of tourism. And you had the archipelagos especially Indonesia and Philippines with large populations- one the epicentre of the world trade in medicinal spices – know how the dutch prized nutmeg so much that they were prepared to swap with the uk control of one indonesian holland with their us territory new Amsterdam rebranded new york

in 60 years

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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IF lee believes his innovations can multiply what this sort of crowd creates then we need to explain that to ying so she can get Hangzhou to understand how this can revolutiionise fashion led by smes= mostofa will you please try and find out discreetly- is there someone at brac or brac u who continues to focus on future responsibility of Bangladesh garment sector - someone other than asif

jayfus I assume baltimore has given up with explaining to under armor we could have linked them into social fashions like nobody else ever will

Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, on Wednesday said the upcoming Taobao Maker Festival will be the biggest yet, spotlighting hundreds of young entrepreneurs on the platform.
Slated for Sept. 13-16 in Hangzhou, organizers will draw inspiration from the city’s rich heritage and folklore to put a new spin on ancient Chinese culture from visual design to its selection of exhibitors, Taobao said in a statement. The exact location was not announced, but Alibaba officials said it would take place near the city’s historic West Lake. 

Some of the millennial merchants showcasing products at the four-day event include anime model maker Infinity Studio and AstroReality, the creator of 3D printed moons that users can explore through an augmented-reality app.
“The Taobao Maker Festival has become not only an iconic [platform] for demonstrating creativity, but also a top destination for the world to better understand China’s younger generation,” Taobao said.
The festival, now in its third year, is also used to highlight the latest technologies and products from Alibaba. Taobao last July showcased its cashier-less, queue-free coffee shop, the Tao Café. Some of the technologies from the café, including facial recognition and radio-frequency identification, have recently been applied to the new grab-and-go shop at Alibaba headquarters.
In September, the venue will feature a 300-square-meter “futuristic shopping area” powered by AR, where thousands of visitors will be given headsets that allow them to see brand information, reimagined in-store decor and animated virtual companions as they shop.The Taobao Maker Festival will also host a runway show for indie designers selling on the platform. The event is part Taobao’s push to be a top destination for millennial consumers, who are increasingly showing an appetite for cool and off-beat brands.
“[It is said that] if you want to see beauty and splendor of China, go to the West Lake. Today, [we hope] when people look for creativity in China, they go to Taobao,” the company said.

=======================indy designers

Taobao, China’s leading e-commerce platform, will step up support for cool and unique stores as a way to tap demand among China’s young middle-class consumers, who are increasingly showing an appetite for the different and off-beat.
During its annual Taobao Merchants Summit in Hangzhou on Thursday, the Alibaba Group-owned platform laid out additional plans to strengthen its position as a top destination for millennial consumers whose purchasing power and willingness to spend exceeds that of previous generations.
Chief among those plans: Increase the number of these hip, independent storefronts to 500,000 from the 100,000 currently on the platform, incentivize and help merchants to scale their Taobao businesses and foster an environment that encourages creativity.
Taobao Merchants
Merchants listening to Taobao’s latest strategy announcements at the Summit.
“Taobao is undergoing a major change, and [its user base] is getting younger and younger… This means the platform needs to become ‘younger’ as well, to serve the next generation of merchants and buyers,” Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang said during his keynote speech at the summit.
“The key to ensuring Taobao’s vibrancy and sustainability is continuing to generate new, cutting-edge ideas and reducing the barriers for innovation,” he said.
On average, 480,000 Chinese consumers purchased items, such as apparel, furniture and jewelry, from an independent designer each day in 2017, according to a report by Taobao and CBNData released earlier this month. As further proof of the rise of indie brands, the keyword “original design” was searched more than 170 million times on Taobao in the fourth quarter alone.

The new focus on these merchants was part of a larger strategy outlined by Taobao President Jiang Fan to make the platform more inclusive and a home for creativity.
“If I had to do one thing this year, that would be to make Taobao simpler, and bring [us] back to our original purpose,” Jiang said. Alibaba is famously known by its motto, “To make it easy to do business anywhere.”
Taobao, then, would work to make it easier for these merchants to sell on the platform. To that end, merchants will able to tap into a range of Taobao’s promotional events, content-marketing resources and consumer analytics to better target their customers. In addition, they will benefit from Taobao’s goal to grow sales for 2,000 designated categories, including plus-sized fashion, children’s furniture, handicrafts and athletic gear, which overlaps with this particular group of merchants.
Handbag maker Kitayama Studio, popular among China’s young and edgy consumers, was one of the indie brands featured at the conference.
Taobao also said it would help grow consumer loyalty to these merchants through targeted membership strategies, though details of the strategies were not announced. Improvements will be made to the platform’s community-management tools as well, such as the instant messaging feature Taobao Groups, which allows merchants to chat with consumers, get real-time feedback, build relationships with their top customers and sell their products within the groups.
“We want each and every merchant to be able to put more energy into product development, into serving their customers. And help them unleash creativity and innovation,” Jiang said.

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