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Future July 2020..If you care about two out of 3 lives mattering who are Asian, nearly 60 years of miracles mapping around worldwide decision-makers considering Japan from 1962 are worth replaying -that's when my father Norman Macrae aged 39 was privileged to write his first signed survey in The Economist -the first 2 quarters of dad's 80+ years of life had been spent
**writing unsigned leaders in The Economist (eg as only journalist at Messina's birth of EU) after serving as teenager in world war 2 navigating air places uk bomber command region modern day bangladesh/myanmar -

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

japans world leading social businesses 5.5 *3 *1

in the 1950s japans leadership of borlaugs green revolution began to celebrate rural self-sufficiency out if which social-community sustaining business models have evolved -related references kennedy endorses the economist consider japan 1962 - more recently sustainability superstars at  + 1 (uniting JAB nations)  +2

some newer cases

saraya - win-win japan borneo uganda

from 1970 saraya innovated palm oil cleaners for kitchen use- these are bidegradable unlike petroleum based cleansers

but around 2002 the company was inudated with reports that its souyrcing of palm oil from borneo was killing elephants whose palm tree habitat was now the worlds epicente of palm oil production; saraya designed a new supply chain including purchase of its own pal, tree farms made elephant friendly

in 2009, saraya's busneess in uganda started handwashing campaigns to improve the nations sanitation reducing infant mortality by half in under a deade (along with paralel efforst brac uganda)

saraya wanted to make its product massively affordable; to do this it strted social business modeling- it recognised that urgandas sugar cane industry could do much better for ugandas if it recycled sugat cane remants into ethanol sanitisers; by going into this social business saraya scaled handwash products; as well as reduction of infant deaths, ebola in its neighbor the congo has not come to uganda and so dar covid in uganda is less than other neigboring countries- saraya is not claiming that uganda will lead africa in beating covid- bur it is proud that community sanitation social businesses contribute to minimising diseases, local community businesses empwering women, climate solutions shared from community to community  

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