Celebrate Neumann's &Japan's gifts to humanity since 1945, all Asia Rising 1960+MacraeFriends and Family
Future July 2020..If you care about two out of 3 lives mattering who are Asian, nearly 60 years of miracles mapping around worldwide decision-makers considering Japan from 1962 are worth replaying -that's when my father Norman Macrae aged 39 was privileged to write his first signed survey in The Economist -the first 2 quarters of dad's 80+ years of life had been spent
**writing unsigned leaders in The Economist (eg as only journalist at Messina's birth of EU) after serving as teenager in world war 2 navigating air places uk bomber command region modern day bangladesh/myanmar -

Asia Rising Surveys

in 60 years

Thursday, October 31, 2019

coming from generations of diaspora scottish missionaries always been more comfy in japanese temples than gothic cathedrals but the burning of both japans and frances jewels in the sun is scary and sad- commiserations to all

also commiserations to peoples in chile, hong kong, lebanon and all 7 worlds and 5 oceans where we have so far failed to humanise ai and all the tech that look so primising in the moon race decade of the 1950s

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