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breaking 3/24 -japan olympics postponed for year thanks abe ..koike ..nbc ..jack ma ..and most of all every athlete -moore

breaking 3/24 american culture/values do not exist without sport. i am not saying this is a good thing- in 1999 i edited triple special issue of jnl of marketing management on brand reality- how millennials needed smart media and to mobilise big data platforms celebrating more action learning less ads -but now is the time to celebrate eg nbc tv distributor of the games message to japan and olympics committee- back their responsibility to choose when tokyo and global athlete star- moore Q&A welcome at co-blog


Thursday, October 31, 2019

coming from generations of diaspora scottish missionaries always been more comfy in japanese temples than gothic cathedrals but the burning of both japans and frances jewels in the sun is scary and sad- commiserations to all

also commiserations to peoples in chile, hong kong, lebanon and all 7 worlds and 5 oceans where we have so far failed to humanise ai and all the tech that look so primising in the moon race decade of the 1950s

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