Celebrate Neumann's &Japan's gifts to humanity since 1945, all Asia Rising 1960+MacraeFriends and Family
Future July 2020..If you care about two out of 3 lives mattering who are Asian, nearly 60 years of miracles mapping around worldwide decision-makers considering Japan from 1962 are worth replaying -that's when my father Norman Macrae aged 39 was privileged to write his first signed survey in The Economist -the first 2 quarters of dad's 80+ years of life had been spent
**writing unsigned leaders in The Economist (eg as only journalist at Messina's birth of EU) after serving as teenager in world war 2 navigating air places uk bomber command region modern day bangladesh/myanmar -

Asia Rising Surveys

in 60 years

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

hi forwarding 3 emails in case their networks raise issues you are working on -1 china centre globalisation mail-time to cooperate on virus; genron japan opinion poller proposed at brooking philanthropy fund to settle compensation crisis korea elders want from wartime japan; japan times questions plan b if olympics doesnt happen this summer-as well as japan plans as pivot reiwa, soc5.0, osaka track- olympics had been huge sponsorship on jack ma to unite mayors of eg tokyo-beijing, help ban-ki moon climate-funds risk alumni link to cop26/adam smith, vienna, hunt out superstars eg japans female tennis superstar of their sdg generation celebrating sports music arts youth ownership of fashion value chain japans richest man uniqlo founder-the okubos out of tokyo benchmark costs of health services everywhere -work whose origin world bank 20 years ago, makoto does music and insurance everywhere, vincent does new universities everywhere fazle abed,soros, ban ki moon youth coalitions connect as worlds largest ngo partnership and womens community sdg economics c, emanuel connects thinktanks between japan korea china vietnam dc- i realise abe-xi meeting postponed but presume active backchannel between their lead advisers ps current emperor and empress alumni oxford- vice chancellor oxford headhunted from scotland st andrews-and pivotal schwarzman ethics of ai and china as number 1 startups epicentre

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